Fancy a beer?


Fancy a beer?|¿Quieres una cerveza?

This is the view from my office just outside Málaga airport, opposite the San Miguel brewery on the main approach road. Since I start work at 7am on Saturdays I thought it would be a good time to get some atmospheric shots of the brewery, so I took my camera and tripod in to work a few weeks ago. I was planning to take a series of photos and combine them into a high dynamic range (HDR) image, but that hasn’t been successful (yet – I’m still working on it!). However, in the meantime here’s a photo produced using a kind of pseudo-HDR technique using Adobe Lightroom along with the 300v2 preset from mikelao.

The original photo was a 5 second exposure. There wasn’t a lot of traffic around that early in the morning but you can see the tail light of a car (or maybe a bike) that travelled up the central road while I had the shutter open (the red line parallel to the crash barrier in the centre of the photo). The over-exposed area at the top left of the building is the San Miguel sign. I was hoping to adjust that part of the photo so you see the bright red and green colours (trust me, they are red and green!) of the neon sign, but my HDR-fu is not strong enough ;-)

Taken with a Nikon D1X and a Nikon 18 – 200mm lens at 40mm. Shutter speed 5 sec, Aperture f/9, ISO 125

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2 Responses to “Fancy a beer?”

  1. Noomi says on :

    Que guay!! Esta todo en español :D -no veo ningun error! jaja ;)
    Pero dime una cosa, no deberias estar trabajando cuando esté en la oficina?

  2. richard says on :


    Por supuesto, ese día llegué temprano a la oficina y sacé fotos antes de comenzar mi trabajo :-p

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